Golden Blount Elite Series Infrared Grills
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March 30, 2011

Dear Gene:

I know it has been several years that I purchased my Texas Sizzler grill but I wanted you to know how pleased I have been.   When I called you originally and told you what I wanted your immediate response was a Texas Sizzler.  The price was much higher than I wanted to pay but you gave me such good advice about the product and the longevity of the grill that I said -  “let’s give it a try”.   Wow you were right my grill is even better than I expected.   I no longer have to replace my grill every two or three years that I was accustomed to when buying the cheaper grills.   I have had several of my friends over for cook outs and they have seen the grill in action and several of them have gone out and purchased one.  

So I want to give you a huge “thank you” for recommending the Texas Sizzler and I can assure you that if I ever have to buy another grill it will be the Texas Sizzler.    If you ever need a recommendation from a very satisfied customer feel free to have anyone call me at 404 723-1163.

Donnie Crane

Hi Gene

You make a great product! A mama bear and three cubs tried to tear up the Sizzler Jr last week in the middle of the night. She banged on it until she got it open and then her and the Cubs licked it clean!

Started right up after they left.

So you can tell everyone that you make a "Bear proof " grill!  In addition to being the best "steak cooker" on the planet....couldn't live without it.

Chuck and Linda Gregory     N. Georgia Mts...Ellijay

" Full Review: Golden Blount Texas Sizzler III (LP) Propane Grill... I own this unit. I love this grill it is the best I have ever owned. – probably the last one I’ll ever have to buy. I got the rotisserie with it. GET THE ROTISSERIE!!! The rotisserie is so good that I prefer it to just about everything. Seriously it's the real life answer to "set it and forget it." I set it up and come back once in a while to jam a temp probe in.
I also got two cheap steel cages from wall mart that fit the spit, into which I put chicken parts, veggies (cut large), fish, you name it if it fits it goes in. Everything will cook flawlessly on the rotisserie. I'll also rotisserie whole birds: duck, Chicken, turkey you name it. I took a 26 pound turkey from frozen to the table in about 3 hours, One thanksgiving I did a 30 pound turkey (balancing is an issue).
The rotisserie is probably the best thing going. The height and width of the grill inside with the cover closed lets me rotisserie very large items and at about 450 & 500 deg F. The results are fabulous. I prefer to turn off the center burner under a whole bird and place a stainless steel cookie tray on the grid to prevent the ceramic element from saturating with droppings. When using 2 racks on the spit I'll place a tray under each and run the heat elements however best suits.
Thanks to the rotisserie my wife almost never has to cook (she loves this grill too) because it cooks better than any oven and works fine in 5 feet of snow (and because I do the cooking?).

Using the grill is a snap. The idea that the ceramic heating elements are so hot as to eliminate flare-ups is a tad of an overstatement. Flare-ups do occur. You merely need to leave some open grill space to move your food around to when a substantial flare up happens. They aren't the 5 alarm blazes you get on conventional grills, but grease burns and Chicken,Duck, and most meat has plenty of fat, Don't use oil in your BBQ sauce unless you are using the rotisserie.

Cleaning: it’s almost a joy. Turn it on, close it up, walk away, and a few beers later it’s clean. There is a tray for grease. "

     This grill is FABULOUS - I use it Year Round.

    Written: May 31 '05


I have one of your Sizzler jr grills that we have used on our boat for the last 5 or 6 years – the grill has been great. On our 4 1/2 month trip to Alaska, most of our cooking was done on your grill.

We have sold the boat, but could not part with the grill, so now I need a pedestal for the grill,
so I can continue to use it at our lake house in Florida.


What would the cost be for the base and shipping to 33870 Sebring, Fl.


Thank you for building a great product,

Bob from Florida....

I've owned the 3 burner Texas SIZZLER unit for about 10 years now. Like it so much that when it started to look like it was ready for the landfill I chose otherwise.  I had left it outside in the rain and the pans under the ceramic squares held water. The gaskets needed replaced also.
Not wanting to spend another  $3000 to get a comparable stove I spent 2 days cleaning it up. By cleaning I mean it got disassembled right down to the stainless steel screws. Gas orifices got cleaned. All surfaces got cleaned of all the grease that comes with ten years of heavy use. The ONLY part I replaced was the ignition wire!
About half way through cleaning I wondered if it was worth it. Oh baby was it worth it! It fired right up and works perfectly.
Doing what I did allowed me confirmation as to why spend so much money on a grill. They use quality stainless steel everywhere on this model. I knew it was heavier than most competitors in this price range. But others cut corners where consumers don't think to look. This is built like a brick you know what house!
Now as to why I'm writing this. In my line of work we frequently host parking lot sales  events and provide BBQ food for our customers. We had purchased a 2 burner  for these partys. But after a few years of poor maintenence the manager thought the grill worthless and was going to toss it out. Needless to say I grabbed it for myself. I thought perhaps I could strip it of the few parts needed for future problems. Guess what? I'm now finished cleaning it after a full disassembly.  Have to go find an ignition wire and gasket material. Then will reassemble it and see what happens. Other than a few orange spots on the exterior it looks like new. The unit was stored in a building that housed chlorine, hence the coloring.
My wife of 35 years was not very happy when I first brought it home. Then she said clean it and and and sell it for a few hundred bucks. Now I'm saying we keep it as our main BBQ since we mostly cook for just the two of us. About 4 times per week year around.  Then we can fire up the big  brother 3 burner when entertaining more people.
We will never purchase another brand. And we are also helping reduce the landfills from all those disposable brands people waste money on.
Robert Terrill

Oregon City, Oregon 97045

I need a price and availability  of the ceramic  replacements x2 I ordered them from you about 6 years  ago talked to the owner and he fixed me up with total rebuild last time great grill my TEC is in the garage under cover since I've had this Grill!

thanks Bob Miller

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